Premarital Education

Research shows that a premarital education for couples decreases the rate of divorce by 50% (McManus, 1993; Parrott & Parrott, 1995). If you are considering marriage, take the time to see a professional who can help you to explore how your background plays a role in mate selection, how (family) secrets can end the marriage before it ever gets started, and the critical importance of “self-love” during the courtship. I will address these and many other topics during our initial two-hour session at The Relationship Coach Professional.Call to set up an appointment.

Walk-N-Talk Weight Loss Session

Since the mind and body are intimately connected, when you change one, you change the other! The physical act of looking and moving forward can serve as a powerful motivator to making the changes necessary to heal, forgive, and reconcile issues from the past. Sessions are held on Tobacco Road walking trail. We walk for two hours from Harris Teeter to South Point Mall.

Online Consultation

For our clients who are at a distance, online consultations are safe and convenient from your home or current location. Additionally, for those times in which an emergency session* is warranted, online accessibility for our existing clients offers a measure of comfort in those trying times for which a consultation is needed.

Free Personality Assessment

Have you ever wondered what’s your personality type? Here’s a fun way to know what makes your personality unique and how well you match up with other personality types. From a relationship point of view, knowing how well you match up with a potential date can enhance the love connection, or show you warning signs to look for. 8 minutes is all you’ll need to complete the assessment.

Management Consulting

The best leader has always been the best servant. Let us help you identify, cultivate, and groom the next level of leadership for your organization. By identifying these talented individuals, your company can move to the next level in leadership, moral, retention, and increased production while recognizing those narcissistic personnel who drain the life out of your workplace. Employee evaluations can help your organization develop the culture whereby employees can thrive and make your company more profitable in the upcoming fiscal year.

Gay & Lesbian Couples Consultation

The Relationship Coach Professional is committed to the restoration and healing of all individuals, couples & family relationships. We welcome the opportunity to serve the LGBTQ community with our expertise in navigating the intricacies of couples relationships that may be experiencing difficulty in communications, leadership, or the restoration of emotional nutrition necessary to sustain an effective union.

Divorce Intervention

43% of married couples regret getting a divorce within 8 months of the final decree. 91% of couples never sought a divorce intervention or marital therapy. Couples are invited to our office to discuss the intricacies of their relationship, possibilities of repair, re-parenting, and enhanced communication skill set. Since relationship ruptures are highly correlated with childhood trauma, a thorough examination of issues around abuse, neglect, attachment, and abandonment may provide insights into current relationship dynamics surrounding the divorce and therefore a basis for the intervention.

Individual Consultation

The goal of one-on-one individual consultations is to address internal/external factors that are causing disruptions in well-being and in personal relationships as well as feedback analysis and personality inquiry. Exploration of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a safe non-judgmental environment are the essence of this individual consultation.

Group Consultation

Group Consultations consist of like minded individuals sharing a communication’s platform to discuss various subjects, current events, and concerns that are of importance of group members. Meetings are led by a facilitator and last no longer than 2 hours per session. Groups can be co-ed, special interest, or single-sex.

Couples Consultation

Couples consultation is a very dynamic process that takes into account the how the communication style influences their behavior towards each other. Assessing where the triggers are in the communication process that result in parallel escalation can be extinguished and redirected into positive talk between the two. Learning each others love language is the key to success.

Family Consultation

The sessions address issues that have been hidden or not discussed within the family. One of the purposes of the family consultation is to bring the legacy of inter-generational dysfunction to an end and liberate the family member(s) who has been the burden bearer of the secret. There are a number of systemic symptoms that can manifest in the family. Left unaddressed, these symptoms can wreak havoc among family members resulting in cycles and patterns that can destroy the family and pass on to the next generation. Please note that this is a process that may take place over 8 sessions with all family members present. Call for a free 15 minute consult on the family consultation.

Single Parent Consultation

Navigating single parenthood with children can be a daunting task for anyone. Sometimes, it can be enormously helpful to get the opinion of a professional in regards to your unique situation. A child can trigger some of the deepest emotions in your conscious and influence your actions in the home and on the job. Additionally, your parents had a profound impact on who you are and how you interact with your kids. Making the unconscious motivations “conscious” can initiate the healing necessary to end the intergenerational transmission of dysfunction and unburden the children while changing the trajectory of the whole family.

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