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About me

I am Len Sturdivant

I have a master’s in Psychology from N.C. Central University and completed 140 hours of doctoral training in marriage and family therapy at Virginia Tech. I have conducted several workshops and conferences on relationships and held panel discussions on marriages and divorce. The main focus of my work is on relationship/family coaching and divorce interventions. My status as a relationship expert comes with over 10 years of experience and several publications in the field of marriage and family relationships.

I am available for

lectures, podcasts, workshops, private coaching sessions, and in-home sessions.

Individual Consultation

The goal of one-on-one individual consultations is to address internal/external factors that are causing disruptions in well-being and in personal relationships as well as feedback analysis and personality inquiry. Exploration of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a safe non-judgmental environment are the essence of this individual consultation.

Group Consultation

Group Consultations consist of like minded individuals sharing a communication’s platform to discuss various subjects, current events, and concerns that are of importance of group members. Meetings are led by a facilitator and last no longer than 2 hours per session. Groups can be co-ed, special interest, or single-sex. 

Couples Consultation

Couples consultation is a very dynamic process that takes into account the how the communication style influences their behavior towards each other. Assessing where the triggers are in the communication process that result in parallel escalation can be extinguished and redirected into positive talk between the two. Learning each others love language is the key to success.

Online Consultation

For our clients who are at a distance, online consultations are safe and convenient from your home or current location. Additionally, for those times in which an emergency session* is warranted, online accessibility for our existing clients offers a measure of comfort in those trying times for which a consultation is needed.