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Nurturing Love, Strengthening Bonds

Your Trusted Partners in Relationship Well-Being in Raleigh

Welcome to Relationship Coach Professional, your dedicated partner in transformative relationship coaching. Situated in Raleigh, North Carolina, we function as a unique collective of life coaches and psychologists committed to enhancing your relationship well-being. Our unique “two-hour session” approach acknowledges the complexities faced by couples, families, and individuals in relationship distress. We surpassing the standard limitations of the traditional “50 minute-clinical hour”. This assures that all couples have enough time to be heard, enough time to speak, and enough time to reconnect during the session.

At Relationship Coach Professional, we proudly distinguish ourselves as the "only" relationship coaching website offering standard two-hour sessions for clients worldwide. Geographical boundaries do not hinder our inclusive and accessible session work, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our journey commenced during the doctoral program for marriage and family therapy at Virginia Tech. Recognizing the constraints of the traditional 50-minute session, we introduced "Dynamic Scaling". This revolutionary concept ensures clients receive the right amount of session time—2hr, 3hr, 4hr, or up to 5 hours—for effective resolution of relationship challenges.

Connect with us today at (919) 998-8199 or email: [email protected] Visit the website: Free 15-minute video session to learn more about what is troubling the relationship and formerly introduce our service. Empower your love connection with Relationship Coach Professional, where transformation begins!

Session work is conducted over secure Webex connection.

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